tina huynh

aspiring ux designer.

web developer.

data viz geek.

wanna-be artist.


a web application to give people with busy modern lives a chance to reconnect roots - literally.


for: CalgaryHacks 2018

placed 3rd overall and best .tech website

theme: automation

team: Tina Huynh, Ore Arowobusoye, David Sepulveda, Brandon Goberdhansingh, Komal Waseem

inspiration: particle kit and nature.

what it does: checks temperature and humidity in air, checks soil temperature and humidity as well as creating a framework for updating the user with in-time SMS messages (in progress)

how we built it: Javascript, HTML, and CSS

challenges we ran into: reading input from sensors, SMS (learning Twilo w/ Node & PHP)

what's next for bi/o: fully integrate SMS as well as incorporate Arduino so that users can water their plants.